postheadericon The Right Strategy and the Right Sports

Without a competent strategy, no big victories are possible – this common truth is known not only to great generals, but also to successful privateers. Just as everyone knows that there are no universal sports betting strategies, there is no such formula, keeping in mind that all bets will pass – this is sport, there are surprises in sports quite often.

Often, each individual successful privateer forms their own sports betting strategy, which is based on already known (public) strategies, own experience and “chuika”. Experience and “chuyku” you have to work out independently, but public (and not so) strategies we are ready to share. Now sport maniacos brings you the best deals for the same.

Popular sports betting strategies

  • “Yellow cards”
  • Match outcome
  • Corridor
  • Kelly Criterion
  • Total in bets
  • Plugs
  • Score
  • Row of numbers
  • Dogon
  • Martingale

Betting strategy “Yellow cards”

A rare sports betting strategy that cannot be found in public is T=the essence of the strategy in the betting on a total of yellow cards, according to the recommendations of the author of the strategy. In general, the strategy has already proved itself sufficiently safe and profitable.

Strategy outcome of the match

The strategy of the outcome of the match in sports betting

Perhaps it is difficult to come up with a simpler and more common gaming strategy in the bookmaker’s office than the strategy of the outcome of the match. After all, it is with a competently organized game that it may well allow you to have a stable profit, even though the stakes will not always win.

  • More on Strategy Match Outcome
  • Strategy Corridor

Strategy Corridor in sports betting

Thanks to the high efficiency and simplicity, the corridor strategy has long been, and it seems, has taken hold of the minds of the betting fans of many countries of the world for a long period of time. After all, in order to master the game tactics, the corridors do not need to have a large bank or long hours to calculate their subsequent move. Just a few free hours a day and a few dollars on the account, that’s all you need to start the game on the strategy of betting corridors.

Kelly Criteria Strategy

The Kelly criterion, developed in the 1960s, is an improved strategy for a percentage of the bank. With its use, a fixed percentage of the bank is absent, and it is determined when the probability of the selected event is correctly determined.

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postheadericon How to conquer the jackpot in Attila Slot Gaminator?

Gaming machines seem bright, noisy and rather cheerful games. The player does small rates most of which often consist in several cents or several dollars.

 And here the player has already given to the automatic machine rather essential sum which would be enough for a party of poker. The essence of gaming machines is that at once you don’t feel that you play for decent money. Not for nothing, automatic machines have been nicknamed by one-armed bandits (there is even a slot with the name of the same name).

However, the situation changes when you deal with a normal slot in a reputable casino like this Attila Slot Gaminator.

The principle of operation of any gaming machine is that its settings allow exposing precisely the percentage of profit which will provide a payback of casino. This percent isn’t especially great: often it makes only 2-5%, under the law can reach 25. Most often, more than 90% of the profit from the automatic machine come back to players in the form of the advantageous sums: sometimes cheap, and at times they are enough large. If you, for example, continuously played very long time on one game slot and would invest in it about 1000 credits, then sooner or later you would receive 900 credits and even 950 credits. back.


Just try to play the long game here to test your luck:

The first that is evident – you lose even then you win. But on one slot there plays a large number of people therefore nobody can tell with confidence that the person who has enclosed in a slot 1000 credits – will return practically all sum back – quite perhaps (and so most often and happens) that your 950 credits will depart to another player, some kind of a comer with ten  dollars in a pocket. For him this won money will be the fabulous sum.


Of course, all this is very exaggerated, but the principle doesn’t change. Jackpots break seldom, for the rest prizes of players, even very large – consist not of money of casino, but of the sums spent for a game by the same gambler as you. The only truth is that your prize can’t be big if the slot machine isn’t popular and is practical not replenished.